• Punctuation errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling errors
  • Inconsistent terminology
  • Awkward sentence structure
Our goal is to provide our clients with documents that are not only technically correct but are easy for their readers to understand. This very often involves rewriting sentences and even rearranging paragraphs if need be.

In addition to correcting and improving the language, we also strive to improve the way our clients present their material. We attempt to ensure that manuscripts flow logically and do not contain errors such as inconsistencies between the text and the figures. We tend to leave numerous comments throughout the text to show our clients where there are questions or where improvements can be made. 

All documents are edited for: 
Our service is a multiple re-editing service.

Many times questions arise or your document contains text that is of uncertain meaning. We will comment on these portions of the text and then will edit any changes you make in response to these comments and suggestions.

We also re-edit manuscripts that have been changed in response to the comments of journal reviewers. However, if more than half of the text is new, we will have to charge the new text as a new document.

Clients are always more than welcome to send back any manuscripts or documents for complete re-editing at any time. There is no charge for re-editing of manuscripts after their first edit unless more than half of the text has been changed.
We will edit your document as many times as necessary to provide you with a document that achieves the results you desire!

  • Poor word choice
  • Faults in logic and consistency
  • Errors in figures and tables
  • Formatting errors (if journal requirements or other guidelines are provided)

Well made illustrations help you convey information in your manuscripts and they can keep the attention of your audience during a seminar or other presentation. Most of our clients send us their original illustrations and say, "Fix this," but we are always happy to discuss your specific needs. Click here to see some examples of the kinds of illustrations we can provide.