Most manuscripts = 0.095 USD per word
There is no charge for re-editing manuscripts or altering illustrations.
Please feel free to send us your manuscript and we can tell you the exact price and turnaround time.
Long manuscripts (>10,000 words) = 0.03–0.07 USD per word depending on the length and the quality of the writing in the original manuscript
Illustrations, extensive word reduction, writing, and other services = 70 USD per hour
We want our clients to feel that they are getting the best value for their money. Our prices are not the lowest that can be found by scouring the net, but we believe that the level of service we provide makes them more than worth it. Below is our standard pricing scheme, but we are always open to making special arrangements to meet our clients' specific needs.
A processing fee of 35 USD will be charged on all invoices to cover bank fees.